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Group exhibition 
Pafos, Cyprus
26.10 – 6.11.2017
Set in Moutallos, a historic neighbourhood of rich and diverse cultural heritage, the exhibition Apus Apus presents paintings, sculpture and performance art that celebrate the interconnections of different cultures. The group, which comprises of artists based in Finland, UK and Cyprus, explores the hybridity and commonalities of cultural identities, for example through myth, archaeology and personal histories.

Apus apus is the Latin name for the common swift, a bird whose annual migration route links Finland and Cyprus. The swift is a nomad, capable of remaining in near-constant flight during the early years of its life. These attributes inspired the group, members of which have adopted various cultures and countries as their home during the course of their lives.
You can follow our exhibition in our group Apus apus' facebook page https://www.facebook.com/apusapus.art/